Working with the Moon

Working with the moon helps us tap into our deepest patterns and helps us reflect and release with a consistent cycle. Connecting with the moon and following her cycles is a way to tap into our unique wisdom and power.

The moon mirrors our rhythms and cycles, our energy and our emotions, reminds us of our humanity and our true nature. Not so long ago, our calendar was lunar, and we lived by the moon. Our ancestors planted seeds by the moon and made decisions in sync with the seasons and their respective energy.

Some cultures still operate around a lunar calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar which has become the container that prescribes when to clock in and out regardless of the cycles of nature and the seasons. This is neither healthy nor natural for us. The lunar cycle is less prescribed and is energetically aligned with nature’s cycles. It’s how so many of us experience time – peaks and valleys, having space to feel into what we need.

The Gregorian calendar prioritizes productivity over all else, and as a result, we constantly feel behind and exhausted – like we’re never enough. Solar time is binary – we’re either ‘on’ or ‘off’. When we take the time to connect with our natural cycles and observe our natural rhythms, our quality of life improves, and time becomes abundant and healing.